“To be, or not to be?”

Football Manager is the home of boundless opportunities…

Blyth – Champions League winners? San Marino – World Cup champions? Kjelsas – the home of youth development?

And it is that factor which causes us – as FM players – the biggest head ache of all. Who should we manage? Who? Where? How? “To be, or not to be?” – now that is most certainly the question!

‘The Ultimate Conundrum’

Deciding who to manage on Football Manager is – at times – the hardest bridge to cross.

There are hundreds of leagues on Sports Interactive’s default database; with league mega packs, custom databases and far-fetched challenges choosing a club is the ultimate conundrum…

However , here are some options that you may enjoy….

Hercules C.F.

Have a strong and deep squad: all 26 of their players will scrap for places in the side! Three players have been loaned out of the club; if recalled they could also do a job for the first team.

The club have ok finances, but are expected to slip into a low-level of debt in the future – and that leads to Hercules’ primary issue: UntitledIt’ll be a herculean effort to send Los Herculanos back to the big time – although it’s probably where they belong… dssd Newell’s Old Boys

Argentine football has played second fiddle to its Brazilian counterparts for quite some time; if you were to take charge in Rosario

N.O.B play in the Argentine Premier League and the expectation is that they’ll finish 6th in season one!

The side have “Great” training and youth facilities but Los Leprosos have seen a slight decline in the level of their youth coaching…

Newell’s are a team with a proud history. How many sides can you name with Gerrard Martino and Marcelo Bielsa both on their legends list!? None I’d presume! 2015-04-08_00004With a squad full of decent Argentine talent, a healthy financial forecast and steady management – Newell’s could go far!

Sporting Kansas City FC

Thirteenth. Ninth. Fifth. Second. Second… Sporting Kansas City are a side that are mounting an assault at the very top of American football!

The team, is again, expected to finish in second place; they could be capable of so much more. Despite middle of the road facilities the club – like many MLS sides – is excelling financially and the team is being propelled forwards.

Sporting have good strength In depth; are currently reliant on American midfielder Graham Zusi to create the magical spark that has catapulted them to the top end of American football.


Kansas have an available transfer budget of £123k and £6.65k to spend until they hit the wage cap! A slight reshuffle may be required; things are looking bright and prosperous for Sporting.

Steaua Bucharest

Football in Romania isn’t easy. Sides in Liga I face an uphill struggle to reach the group stages of the Champions League or the Europa Legaue; don’t let that deter you! Steaua can change it all!

Ros-Albastrii are the dominant force in the nation and have won the league twice in a row. Coupled with their success in domestic cup competitions and a hard-to-please board – taking the reigns at Romania’s biggest club will not be easy.

However the added complication of being currently unable to keep up in Europe means that the club is restricted to tifg budgets – just £425k has been set aside for transfers – but the club does operate within its means…

34256FC Barcelona

Managing at the Nou Camp isn’t as easy as it may seem. The club has been thrust into a transfer embargo, there are regular presidential elections and Messi isn’t what he once was… LOL.

Los Cules are expected to finish second in La Liga; it is unrealistic to belive that 2nd would suffice – trophies are expected at Barcelona!

The squad – as we all know – is insane. Messi, Suarez and Neymar have the power to be the best front three to ever grace the planet, while Pique and Alaba are hardly shabby at the back.

You can spend £16.6 million in the first window; the question is: will you need to?


Thank you for reading my latest blog! I’ll be back soon with more FM hints, tips and stories but if you want me to talk about something in particular let me know either in the comments or on our page…


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