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Hi folks, its been quite a while since my I uploaded my last Football Manager 2015; I’m back! So without further ado: let’s get into it…

Some Background Info.

Having read about The Nike Academy in The Nowhere Men, a fantastic book about scouting, I was inspired to make this database: a database solely about developing young talent into the icon’s and hero’s of tomorrow, just like ‘The Academy’ try to achieve in real life!

The Database!

‘The Ticks’ – as I have nicknamed them – are based in Loughborough, and are blessed by a range of fantastic facilities and financial backing. The Nike Arena can house 12000 spectators on a match day; has a roof; undersoil heating; and is in fantastic condition! Financially, the club are backed with large sponsorship deals and help from its sugar daddy owners…

Just like in real life, The Nike Academy is made up of young players who have been released following a stint at a top academy from Europe. All 31 players who start the game with ‘The Ticks’ are under the age of 21, which is vitally important because of the single stipulation placed upon the club:

The Nike Academy are not allowed to field any players over the age of 21, once a player reaches his 21st birthday he will be deemed ineligible!

Taking a club from the depths of England’s sixth tier to the top of the mountain is always a challenge: but only being able to use U21’s makes this database one of the most challenging out there.


In order to add an extra level of authenticity to your game, I am pleased to announce that this database has a full graphic pack to supplement it!

I would like to thank KillerKizzaHD for creating these three fantastic kits for this database:



In order to manage The Nike Academy you must download the database – and follow the instructions below…


  • Follow the link to MediaFire – a fantastic, safe data sharing site – and download the file.
  • Once the file is downloaded you will need to unzip it – if you haven’t already I recommend that you download WinRAR to do so.
  • Now the file is unzipped, put the FMF document into: Sports Interactive – Football Manager 2015 – Editor Data
  • And to get the graphics in game, place the folder named ‘Nike Graphics – Killer Kizza’ into your graphics folder (which is also within the folder named ‘Football Manager 2015′).
  • Finally, load up FM15; click ‘New Career Game’; allow the use of the data file; start your database; and then reload your skin!

I hope you enjoy your save with Westward, and if you would like to update me – and many other fellow FM Addicts – on your progress do not hesitate to join our Facebook Group or comment on my Page’s Wall! Besides that: thanks for visiting…

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