The FM Whizzkids: Summer Update | Football Manager 2016

Fortunately, Football Manager is a game where you are able to customise everything that you could possibly want to customise – inclusive of kits, badges, skins and – of course – databases, and it is our pleasure to be able to share the final update of The Football Manager Whizzkids‘ Football Manager 2016 transfer database.

If you are seeking to play a Football Manager 2016 save with squads updated as of the start of the 2016/17 season then this is very much the database for you. After making a whopping 31768 database changes the Whizzkids are finally finished for the year! Below you will be able to find various example screenshots of what has been changed in this database to give you an insight into the amount of detail and scope this database covers…


20160902100123_1 20160902100147_1 20160902100213_1 20160902100351_1 20160902100406_1 20160902100546_1 20160902100624_1

20160902100449_1 20160902100638_1

This database is designed to include the following…

* Worldwide transfers.
* Promotions.
* Relegations.
* Contract alterations.
* Manager/staff movement.
* Free agents.
* 6 month+ loans.
* New captains/vice-captains.
* Squad numbers.
* New UCL/UEL teams in the correct competition.
* New league/cup winners named as holders.
+ Minor details elsewhere.

305 hours have been invested into making this database – and that effort has certainly produced a fantastic piece of work. Yet again, a huge thank you to The Football Manager Whizzkids for allowing us to share their work!


In order to manage with any of the database changes above, follow the instructions below…

  • Follow the link to MediaFire – a fantastic, safe data sharing site – and download the file.
  • Place the FMF document into: Sports Interactive – Football Manager 2016 – Editor Data
  • Finally, load up FM16; click ‘New Career Game’; allow the use of the data file; start your database!


I hope you enjoy your new save on a database made by The Football Manager Whizzkids, and if you would like to update me – and many other fellow FM Addicts – on your progress do not hesitate to join our Facebook Group or comment on my Page’s Wall! Besides that: thanks for visiting…

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