TCS Skin Version 1.3 – Bluestillidie00 | Football Manager 2017

Being able to customise Football Manager to make each save unique to yourself is one of the franchises strengths, and one of the best ways of doing so is through downloading customised skins – and we are delighted to be able to share the beautiful TCS Skin by Bluestillidie00 with you!

This page will be updated throughout the year, acting as a the centrepiece for Bluestillidie’s work – but as each update is published a new post will be added to the site, thus enabling you to keep up to date with the TCS skin throughout its year long evolution.

Change List: (Note that changes in italics are new and exclusive to the newest version!)
  • New Player Overview
  • General UI Changes
  • Tab Bar is now secondary colour
  • Changes to Sky Sports Scoreboard – Credit to D_Lo_
  • Addition of BT Scoreboard
  • New Font
  • Changes to Tactical Panel
  • Changes to boxes throughout skin
  • Changed Schedule Panel
  • Added City pics to 1336×768 resolution
  • Changes to Map on Player Search
  • New Match Overview
  • Tweaks to Inbox
  • Tweaks to News
  • Changed scrolling behaviour
  • Tweaked date panel
  • Altered match commentary font
  • Implementation of the instant result button
  • Instalment of the “Kit Tactic Screen” and further improvements to it
  • Additional search views
  • Improved player profiles
  • Re-styled scoreboard
  • Re-designed club panel
  • Tweaks to the social media/news tab
  • Added background image selector
  • New icons – credit to Emil, D_Lo_ and others
  • Improved stadium overview screen
  • Additional manager profile image
  • New TV logo
  • Tweaked boxes throughout the skin

Borussia Monchengladbach_ Overview Profile F.C. Internazionale_ All known players F.C. Internazionale_ Overview F.C. Internazionale_ Overview-2 F.C. Internazionale_ Profile F.C. Internazionale_ Profile-2 F.C. Internazionale_ Senior Fixtures F.C. Internazionale_ Transfer History F.C. Internazionale_ Overview Overview F.C. Internazionale_ Players Players Gabriel Barbosa_ Overview Profile Gabriel Barbosa_ Overview Profile-2 Hull v West Brom_ Overview Overview Hull v West Brom_ Pitch Full Inter v Chievo_ Pitch Full Inter v Chievo_ Pitch Full-2 Inter v Chievo_ Pitch Full-3 Inter v Chievo_ Preview Line Ups Mauro Icardi_ Overview Profile Tom Westwood_ Home Tom Westwood_ Inbox


West Bromwich Albion_ Overview West Bromwich Albion_ Overview-2 West Bromwich Albion_ Profile West Bromwich Albion_ Senior Fixtures West Bromwich Albion_ Players Players


In order to be able to use Bluestillidie00‘s fantastic TCS Version 1.3 Skin, follow the instructions below:


  1. Follow the link and download the file.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Place the file into: Sports Interactive – Football Manager 2017 – skins
  4. Finally, start up Football Manager 2017; go to the preferences screen; and select TCS V1.3 by Bluestillidie00 as your new skin!

Using a new Football Manager 2017 skin is always an exciting time and I would like to wish you all the best for your managerial ventures this year! Moreover, if you would like to get in touch with myself, or my fellow admins,you can find us through the links below…

The FM Addicts Community | Luke’s Stories of An FM Addict | @thefmaddicts | Tifo – @Bluestillidie00

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  1. patox1 /

    how can i have the 2d kits in the tactics panel? I downloaded 1.2 v. but i have the dafault one not the 2d kits…

    1. Luke / Post Author

      You need to download them separately – head over to our graphic section 🙂

  2. patox1 /

    i cant find it in the graphic section. Can u please give me the link?

  3. dkepplersccp /

    Hello, sorry but are you sure this link is to dowload the uploaded version from 1.2? Because I can’t see here the new club panel, with city images…

    1. Luke / Post Author

      Yep. – but you will need to download the images from elsewhere – a quick google search will suit you out

      1. dkepplersccp /

        I don’t understand … I have Vitrex city pack, the images appear when I load the Vitrex 1.4 skin. But when I load TCS 1.2 I can only see the club panel like the one from your Internazionale print, not like the Borussia print. And I already put it in high resolution. Do you have any idea what I’m doing wrong?

        1. Luke / Post Author

          Honestly: no. Tweet @bluestillidie00 – he should be able to help!

  4. Danny /

    Hello. I have downloaded version 1.1 and 1.2 and I prefer version 1.1 but I want my version to load up the big faces when on the player attributes page just like version 1.2 does. I know you can change it with the dropdown option but I don’t want to keep changing it. Can anybody help me with this? Thank you

    1. Luke / Post Author

      Hi Danny, if you tweet @bluestillidie00 he should be able to help!

  5. Daniel /

    I don’t have twitter 🙁

    1. Luke / Post Author

      I’ll ask 🙂

  6. Danny /

    Thank you very much.

  7. Dazza (@MinotaurDL) /

    Hi, love the skin but i am unable to view other teams financial position and transfer budget as shown in the first screen shot. Why would this be please?

    1. Luke / Post Author

      Because that screenshot shows the club screen of the team that is being managed 🙂

  8. Ewan Dunn /

    Hi there I haven’t got this yet but I was just wondering, does the city pics, mini stadium pics and backgrounds etc all come with the skin or do I have to download them separately?

    1. Luke / Post Author

      Separately 🙂


    Cool, but mine was different, some things were the same but it was not the same

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