The Spartans- a quick one

Hello guys, just a quick update on everything!

I know it has been a couple of weeks since I did a update at all, but with going on holiday and sorting family matters out. And with really getting into the save, I have not stopped to screenshot anything and write updates.  So I wanted to give a update on where I am now and to promise that there will be regular updates coming once again for those few who may read them.


So where am I?

The last update was released and the club was at the half way point in the 2017 season in the Vanarama North. Well my game is currently on the date 17th May 2021, so have a few seasons to go over. The 2017/18 season was our first season in the Vanarama North, and it was also our last, managing to finish the season in 1st place. With a few mid season additions and loans we went on a huge winning run and finished the season on 95 points. 20 ahead of second place. So next up was the challenge of the Vanarama National.

Expecting to really struggle with staying up I prepared the best I could for the season ahead, bringing in players on loan and a great transfers we managed to avoid relegation by 11 points and finishing 16th.

Second season in the Vanarama National and apart from clearing out a lot of dead wood I only brought 4 loan players in, Josh Vickers, James Bishop, Jack Simpson and Ted Fitzgerald. 2 defenders, a goalie and a midfielder. All these loan players were leading players for the National league, and they all put in great performances, grabbing us the league title on the last day of the season, we also managed to win the FA Trophy meaning we went up as double winners, something I was really happy about as it gave us a huge amount of reputation increase going into the Professional leagues.

The 2021 season was next. and the last one that I have done. We brought in 12 new players to help boost our chances of survival, a couple of loan players the rest were transfers. We spent a massive £90 on transfer fees. And the season went well, we even popped into the play off places for a couple of games during the mid season mark, ending the season in 12th place. A nice solid finish to the league, and hoping that along with a increase in sponsor deals the club is going to continue its upwards climb. Although the season was good performance wise we have struggled financially, so a careful summer is planned- the aim is to build a young but capable squad that can improve over the years with little to no investment. Meaning wages should stay low and the money in the club can increase.


Once again I apologize for the massive gap in updates and I hope you join me in the save once again.

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