How To Scout – Getting the best Regens

How to Scout the best Regens

Welcome to a quick guide to scouting, nearly every day I see posts from people on several sites asking who should I sign?? Well apart from setting up a scout assignments ranging from competitions and nations there is a really quick way to get lots of information and bag up all the best new Regens coming into the game, either grabbing them on a free or cheap compensation deals. So here I go


Go to the “World” icon on the top right hand of the screen,

Step 2

Once the menu drops down once again click on the “World” tab as highlighted in the picture above

Step 3

Then you next want to click on the “Transfers” menu on the left of the screen


Step 4

On the following page go to the drop down menu and click on the “Youth Intake” as highlighted above

Step 5

And presto here are all the youth that have spawned into the game, the highlighted bit in the picture allows to to go back to months or years, scout the players and you have all the info on the diamonds in the rough, if you have the exact date of regen day in the area you want to find a youth player, you can do this on the day. Doing this gives you the chance as said in the introduction to pick up potential world class players for free or very small compensation deals.


I hope this quick little post helps, I know this feature has been in a few FMs over the years but some players have never used it or known it exists.


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