Save Suggestions In A Sentence | Part 1 – Football Manager 2017

The most frustrating thing about the Football Manager series is that it offers you an infinite number of opportunities to do as you please – and sometimes that high level of choice is just simply too much for us to compute, especially when we are giddy with the excitement of a freshly delivered copy of Football Manager 2017! Choosing who to manage is always tricky, and us content creators have been looking for ways to rectify that conundrum for many, many cycles: databases, challenges and community saves are all fun methods of making sure that the time that each of us invests into Football Manager is worthwhile…

But how about a more simplistic approach?

As the name of this article suggests, I will be using this series as the match to insight the managerial fire in your tummy by suggesting a smorgasbord of different styled saves to you in the most simplistic way possible: by using the humble sentence. So, without further ado, I would like to present to you my first batch of suggestions…

Grimsby Town FC: The “Mariners” are back in the Football League following their six-year exodus, but will you be able to take them even further?

AFC Ajax: The Amsterdam-based club bottled the Eredivisie on the final day of last season: your task is to avenge that anguish and continue to develop youth…

FC Bayern München: Pep Guardiola was unable to lead Munich’s top club to European glory, can you succeed where Pep could not?

AFC Astra Girigu: Smashing West Ham out of Europe twice in two years is an impressive feat, but Astra are plagued by off-field dramas – sort the finances out and there is potential to build a Romanian dynasty.

New York City FC: Many were quick to criticise NYCFC in their formative MLS days, but smart recruitment and savvy management have seen their stock rise: can you take them to Play-Off glory?

Inter Milan: Football was previously the heart of the city, but in recent years both Milan clubs have been through the gutter – however, Inter’s new owners have brought positivity back to the club: can you lift the Nezzuri back to the top of world football?

Manchester United: Despite breaking the world transfer record Manchester United have not started the 2017 season faultlessly, but under the right management anything is possible…

French National Team: Paul Pogba, Dimitri Payet, Hugo Lloris et al were unable to lead France to glory on home soil: but they have potential – and it is your task to unearth it.

C.F Valencia: Quite frankly: Garry Neville was not the right man for the job, but will you be able to do any better under the Spanish sun?

FC Midjytlland: Youth development is  a trendy task on FM and it is a fulfilling one: so why not take up Denmark’s ‘moneyball’club and run with them!?


The beginning of a new Football Manager cycle is always an exciting time and I would like to wish you all the best for your managerial ventures this year! I also very much hope that this article has helped to inspire you into choosing a club, but if it hasn’t: do not despair… More save suggestion articles will be released in the coming days! Moreover, if you would like to get in touch with myself, or my fellow admins,you can find us through the links below…

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