About Me

A 26 year old football fanatic from the town of Bournemouth. A 19 year old craze with Football Manager has led me to many victories, is what I would have said if I was any good at the game.

Supported Team

Manchester United. Now, I know what everyone will be thinking… Glory Hunter. It is often a misconception. I’ve supported Manchester United since I can remember, I was probably about 4 or 5 years old. The main reason for supporting Manchester United was the class of 92 players in particular David Beckham. To say I am disappointed with United presently is an understatement, but what can we expect when Sir Alex Ferguson created a successful philosophy which saw Manchester United dominate England & Europe for over 25 years. However, that United doesn’t exist anymore and it will take a lot of time getting used too but through the rough times (I realise there not actually rough times) I will always support them.

Favourite Player

Paul Scholes has to be my favourite ever player and not just because he played for Manchester United his whole career, but he is such a model professional in the way that he presents himself on and off the pitch. Tackling was obviously not a strong point on his behalf, but my god could he pass the ball; oh and what a strike that guy had on him. One of my favourite moments was his screaming volley Vs Aston Villa. Giggs takes the corner, ball gets headed out and BANG; Scholes smashed it in the top left of the goal, keeper no chance.

Role Model

David Beckham was my absolute idol as a youngster. The way he played football just made it look so easy and comfortable. David Beckham’s work off the pitch too, creating a legacy for himself and his family securing their future is always something I’ll admire. Unfortunately, Beckham couldn’t be the one club player I always wanted him to be.

Playing Experience

I have played football all of my life, but never been spectacular at it. Every boy has a dream of becoming a professional footballer and that was no different for me. It was that dream that led me to 2 sets of unsuccessful trials at AFC Bournemouth & Weymouth FC. I have played at many different clubs throughout my short career, albeit mostly at sunday league level I did play for a couple of Sussex County teams in Ferring FC & Upper Beeding (only for a short while).

Coaching Experience

As stated I was never gifted at playing football, but that only meant one thing for me. Football Coaching! If I couldn’t be a football player I was going to damn make sure I was good at coaching. My previous jobs in the football industry proves just that. Derby County FC, Macclesfield Town FC, Buxton FC, AFC Bournemouth, Crawley Town FC as well as a few other separate academies are just some of a long list of clubs/academies I have coached for. I currently have an FA level 2 coaching badge, FA youth module 3, fitness coaching and not forgetting my 2:1 at Derby University in Sports Coaching & Sports Development.

Preferred Tactics

I’m an old fashioned tactics kind of guy, 4-4-2 is the most favoured formation. In terms of how I like my teams to play it is a mixture between the 1999 Manchester United team and Barcelona. My teams would keep a high percentage of possession, but would attack with strength, speed, flair and integrity.

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