Retro Logopack | Football Manager 2017

The ease at which you we able to customise Football Manager in order to make it more realistic really is one of the strengths of the game: kits, badges, stadiums, skins, databases – we can change an abundance of things so that “your save” really is “your save”. Although it is usually nice to have fully up-to-date graphics for every team around the globe it is also nice to switch it up every once in a while, so why not use retro logos instead?


As you can see from the examples given above, the Premier League sides have seen their badges been changed back, rewound and the result is simply magnificent! You will not find a logo pack for Football Manager 2017, or any other edition for that matter, quite like this one…

Current Leagues…

  • Premier League
  • Sky Bet Championship
  • Sky Bet League One
  • Sky Bet League Two
  • Liga BBVA
  • Liga Adelante
  • Scottish Premier Football League
  • Scottish League One
  • Scottish League Two



  1. Follow the link to MediaFire – a fantastic, safe data sharing site – and download the file.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Place the file into: Sports Interactive – Football Manager 2017 (although this pack is compatible with all editions) – Graphics
  4. Finally, load up Football Manager 2017; load up your save; and then reload your skin!

Getting your hands on the new iteration of Football Manager is always an exciting time, and I very much hope that this article will help to further enhance your playing experience of FM17! If you are looking for more graphics to add to your FM17 files then do be sure to check out our graphics section. Moreover, if you would like to get in touch with myself, or my fellow admins,you can find us through the links below…

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