Race Against Time: Manchester City

Hi guys, welcome to my first ever challenge database! Today I’m going to be running you through my ‘Race Against Time…’ challenge, where you will need to lead Manchester City back to glory…

The Story…

UEFA have turned into hard, hard *********.

Due to Manchester City’s horrifying balance sheet’s UEFA have had to take action: Manchester City have been relegated to the Conference North and have been handed a transfer embargo until 1st July 2018 (the first season you could possibly reach the Premier League again). Yep, they were harsh!

Because of their demise to England’s sixth tier, as you can imagine, Man City’s stars well and truly through a strop: they all wanted out and NOW! However the board didn’t allow that, the entire first team squad has been sent out on loan until the start of the 2018 season with the other club paying their wages in full!

Now, your left with the kids (and ‘you cant win anything with kids’). Manchester City’s young guns are your team for the next 4 season’s, weather you like it or not!

The squad! Richard Right is the father figure…

Your squad is heavily depleted, as you can see, but you have some big talent for the lower leagues…


Alex Henshall is a pacey winger, who will cause havoc!
Jason Danyer is a very tidy centre-half, nothings getting past him!

You are expected to win the league in the first season, by both the owner and media, so good luck with that!

The entire Manchester City playing staff agreed to extend their contracts to 2024 but if you aren’t in the Premier League by their loan return don’t expect Aguero and co. to hang around, they probably won’t!

To Conclude…

As I said to start: this is my first ever challenge database (so I’m not sure weather it’ll be too easy or too hard).

However I’ve tested it a few times, by holidaying through, and it looks good!

Any feedback would be appreciated (as would the downloads!).

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