Playing Abroad – Paris Saint-Germain

Hello everybody; welcome back to yet another Football Manager 2015 database ! Today’s data-project is the eleventh instalment in a new series exclusive to TheFMAddicts: Playing Abroad!

The story…

Burnley are bored with snow, rain and playing away in Stoke. They have sold their spot in the Barclays Premier League; now teams from further afield are able to play in Europe’s ‘best league’….

And the tenth side to try out in England’s top flight are PSG!

Playing Abroad - PSG

The Parisian club were founded in 1970 and since then have gone on to be purchased by mega rich businessman; win numerous titles and start to threaten on the European stage…

They’ll be playing the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool on a regular basis; the real question is:

Can they do it on a cold night in Stoke?

Download this database, and you’ll find out!


In order to be able to manage PSG in the BPL, download the database by following the link and instructions below…

However before you do, I’d just like to say a huge thank you to XIIENT/Vincent for making the page art – it’s superb!

  1. Follow the link to MediaFire – a brilliant data sharing site.
  2. Download the file and then click “save as”.
  3. Save the file in: Libraries – Documents – Sports Interactive – Football Manager 2015 – editor data.
  4. Then you just need to load up FM and start-up a new save with the database!


And, for a step-by-step guide to downloading custom databases… – FMLC

Thank you for reading my latest blog! I’ll be back soon with more FM hints, tips and stories but if you want me to talk about something in particular let me know either in the comments or on our page…


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