Football Manager 2016 – Making the Perfect Football Manager Club (Pt 4)

If you haven’t read the previous parts, you can read here; Part 1, Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3

I started this season with a couple of ideas in mind; settle the squad, refine the tactics and push on in the league. As of right now at the end of the preliminary phase of games I have done one of those things during this season at Lyngby.

Tactically, we’ve gone from 4-4-2, switched up between attacking and defensive then all the way through a 4-1-3-1-1 back to 4-4-2. The squad has lost some key characters and gained some more.
I failed in this seasons goals, but ultimately have came out on top.

This tactic has survived almost completely intact for over a season now.

This tactic has survived almost completely intact for over a season now.

Dealing with transfers,

as usual, I have made a profit. Yet again I have made more profit than the season before with the grand total coming to around £4.89M. A huge figure for a club our size. The main two players that we sold were Jan Wass, our striker wonderkid, to Bayern Munich for £3.6M and Andreas Christensen, our fantastic left back, to AC Milan for £1.3M. Both contain big clauses such as next time Jan Wass is sold we get 30% of the total profit (currently valued at £4.3M) and when Andreas Christensen is sold we get 50% of the profit. Both clubs owe us friendlies which will fill our stadium, and some money coming in depending on how many games they play.16 1 19Andreas Christensen 25 6 18 Jan Wass Bayern Deal

The best part about the Jan Wass transfer however is that they instantly loaned him back to us for a season. Once we had him I then renegotiated to have him for two seasons. He is on £1.4K per week wages as well so nothing more than I would probably be paying him anyway. It’s been great having him as well as he has now scored 13 goals, with 4 assists in 23 games. Not bad for a 19 year old.

Christensen I didn’t really want to sell, but ultimately I knew he would go soon anyway. I have Casper Højer as back up, who was my first choice previously anyway so I don’t need to replace him. Christensen did average 7.41 over 16 games for us this season, and was only getting better so he will be a big miss. Tim Juul was recalled from loan to serve as back up, and is looking to be another star in the future.

I did sell two other players for money as well, Driton Camaj, after a disappointing first season went to Silkeborg for £40K, plus a 30% of the profit clause meaning I made a loss of £17K. Frederik Gytkjær also left for £2.9K as I no longer have need for a CAM, and he just isn’t as good as my the current first team anymore. He played well for us the first season, but slowly declined in rating as we progressed. He played just 3 games last season, with only 1 start and that was in the cup. The other out transfers can be seen in the picture below.Transfers out

The more important transfers however are those coming in. Rasmus Nicolaisen is first up, and probably least importantly so. He came in for free from FC Midtjylland. He is my back up centre back. Following bringing in Nicolaisen, we had the Wass deal. Charlie Miller, American DM/CM came in for free from Seacoast United Phantoms. The USA has unreal talent in the academies, so I felt it only right to snap one up for the squad. Aged 19 he has great mental attributes and solid physicals and technicals. Since joining he has been consistent for us with a 7.20 average rating. He is a mainstay for a centre mid now. The next day I further strengthened centre midfield with Sergei Erememko for £50K from HJK in Finland. Erememko is aged 20, and is all round a good player. He is one of our best midfielders without a doubt, but has bags of potential to reach as well. Again, I then strengthened the midfielder (clear out coming 2019/20 preseason) with Mate Grubisic who on paper is probably our strongest CM (Miller being a DM by trade) which is great as he is aged again only 19 and I got him on a free transfer. He hasn’t featured lots in this side yet, but when he does he always performs with 7.42 average rating across 12 games.Charlie Miller Mate Grubisic Nicolaisen Sergei Eremenko

The final midfielder I brought in was incredible. When I saw Rodrigo Taddei (yes, that Roma player) was without a club I knew I needed to bring him in, even aged 39. Sadly he is retiring at the end of the season, but we will have him as a coach. I’m hoping he will eventually transition to be our Head of Youth Development, as he would be almost perfect for it as he has a model professional personality (the second best, behind Model Citizen in my opinion). He has been tutoring Rene Wingsted since joining, and hasn’t played a game despite joining in October (though he wasn’t registered until January 1st, during the winter break. I wanted to keep him as a player for one more season so he could tutor another player but sadly he wouldn’t reconsider. Finally as a replacement for Camaj I brought in Jannik Pohl, on a free from Aab. He has fantastic pace and that is about it, but for us that works great as he has scored 2 goals in 3 starts thus far.Jannik PohlRodrigo Taddei


I still have no identity. I had goals in mind to play attacking football at the start of this save but that changed once we were promoted so as to keep progressing in the league. Now we’re settled as a top half side we can go back to playing nice football, and I still think 4-4-2 is our formation but the intricacies of it all are still being worked out. So far my secret to “success” has been constant tinkering. I’ll be posting a blog on how to find weaknesses in tactics soon.

Currently we are sat in 4th. We almost missed out on the Championship group, but luckily on the final game of the Preliminary Phase the results went our way and we got in. Football Club København are running away with the league as usual, have lost a mere 3 games so far, winning 19 out of 26. We have beaten them twice this season, once in the league and once in the cup. We could have done better this season, and been much closer to FC København (rather than being 21 points behind) but we dropped off in November not winning in 8 games.

I forgot to get an image of the table at the end of the preliminary period, so after an extra two games this is how the table stands

I forgot to get an image of the table at the end of the preliminary period, so after an extra two games this is how the table stands

We are actually in the quarter final of the Danish Cup too, beating Dalum, Vendsyssel FF and Football Club København thus far. Football Club Nordsjælland will be a tricky test, but we have not lost to them this season, with a win and a draw.


Now, if you’ve read this far (let me know! I love feedback!) then you’re clearly interested in the series. It is going to have a few changes in format. Instead of one long blog post per season covering everything, it will have multiple updates with lots of detail per season. Typically expect to see something along the lines of; pre-season transfers and aims for the season, end of preliminary update, youth intake and player development update and then end of season round up discussing overall goals. This is a system that bring the best of all worlds with plenty of detail, but if you’re only interested in certain parts of my save then you can skip the ones you aren’t.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mid season round up! I am loving Lyngby, we’ve progressed so far yet I feel like I am so very far from my goals. There will be another blog detailing the youth intake and development for this season (2018/19) of players soon! (Hopefully)

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