Jay’s Inbetweeners Woking Challenge

Jay’s Inbetweener’s Woking Challenge

Now there are many famous Championship (Football) manager fans but are any bigger than the above quote??? No we thought not either, Now Jay maybe a managerial God but luckily I managed to garb an interview with him.
We scheduled the meeting but twice it got cancelled as he was “too busy shagging the pussay, you know how it is” But finally he joined us.
He informed us that Sir Alex and Giggsy approached him on day one begging to be a part of his set up so it helped that he had an assistant that admired him so much. He also claimed that Giggs took the flack for him shagging his brothers wife as he didn’t want the publicity himself. After an hour or 5 seconds game time Ronaldinho and David Beckham arrived to be part of the revolution to help themselves improve as footballer’s under a great manager.
It had helped that he was the talent scout that spotted Balanta Hughes and Fierro as he knew about them way before anyone else did. He also brought through the youth ranks Jayzinho his uglier half twin brother. Jay himself could have become a superstar to rival the greats but due to his face he was too busy with the ladies to make the commitment. Luckily for Jayzinho he doesn’t have that problem and was eligible from the off to play in almost any position his manager wanted, Jayzinho had the talent to rival Messi and Pele he was that good.
Cristano Ronaldo also funded his own move to Woking to join up with the team. All he wanted was good football and was assured of that at from Jay’s Woking apparently.
We soon realized he had a bit of FM Editor Magic but we have managed to replicate what he had but we have added our own little challenges. As you can see you have everything you need to be European Champions in Six years but can you honestly do it? I promise it wont be easy.

Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/b45t3ux756nd8cd/Jay’s_Woking_tale.dbc

Thank you Jay for taking time out of your busy schedule to help us with this challenge.


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