“How to” Set up your manager

How To

Set up your Manager

This is something we all have to do after you have selected your league/’s you must create you manager. Now we have a new feature for FM 15 but how much do we understand the different options? Is it something we spend our time on, or just click and think “that will do“? I personally spend quite sometime getting this right and ill show you how and why I do it.

Once we have started and created our first profile or just a new one we are greeted with this screen.

As you can see I am David Beckham.


There is more than meets the eye here, yes they are all straight forward options but they are also some key points that are worth thinking about. With your Age I would always set it so that you are over the age of 35 as this will increase the 1 in 10000 chance that a regen being your son. (it is a 1 in 10000 chance but you do have to be over the age of 35) Small detail but an important one if you hope that your intake brings you little Brooklyn, Romeo or Cruz. Nationality: If you are English but managing in Germany you could be looked on less favorably, maybe less so than previously years with the amount of non national managers in-charge of clubs all over the world. It also dictates the Language you speak and Proficiency with that language. Favorite club is important and also can be annoying, If you are managing in the lower reaches of England say “Woking,” in your news you are going to have information on Manchester United arriving every game which has no relevance at all to you until you are at the same level. That being said you can unsubscribe so that the news doesn’t get to you, but I would always select the team you intend to manage. You will also be looked on more favorably by fans if you love the club aswell as they do, Manchester City fans are not going to be happy if a Manchester United fan takes the helm, so have this into consideration if you are heading to the Sky Blue side of Manchester.


Above we have the additional Information that you can choose from. Favorite teams again as before will bring them up in the news, its a nice feature but more annoying than great in my Opinion. If you selected Real Madrid, Barcelona would be less likely to come in for you, where as Real Madrid are more likely too but it isn’t a necessity although having fans onside always helps. The formation is an interesting one does it effect that much? I always put “5-4-1 sweeper” as it is my favorite but hardly ever seem to have the players to fit it. I have never not been offered a job as it doesn’t fit the club I am using it for. The more common tactic or one also used by the club you are managing will help players get more fluent to you tactically as well as letting the board know you understand the team and its layout.

Additional Languages: being English myself I can direct you to a swimming pool in French and that is it, although the younger generation I have spoken to seem to be a little better off than me when it comes to languages. In FM it can be very important, If you can speak a nations language you are more likely to get through the selection process when a club are looking for a manager. If you are a risk you are less likely to be offered a job in Spain if you don’t speak Spanish. So think where you want to be when selecting the language’s you speak. Also note FM will not test you to see if your lieing or not. It will also make a player feel more at home if you can speak to them in their native tongue while they are learning a new language.


Manger type is where it really gets interesting, Now being David Beckham I have a large amount of points to allocate. When you start the points are shared across the board a great way to start your career as a balanced manager, But I will explain why a little more time taken at this point can improve your chances.

The Tracksuit Manger is as much a coach as he is a manager, he is on the training ground and very much a key component to training the players and developing it all on the field. This is very useful if your coaching staff arnt at a world class level yet. If you select 20 for defending and do the training yourself you will have a very high star rating. If you are unsure of how good your coach’s are or who is available to bring in, across the board like above may be the way to go. Personally I always pick defending as even if my staff aren’t great elsewhere we can defend a lead or park a bus (also need the players). If you haven’t already I would think about what sort of manager you are, If you want to be technically great or want attacking football then make yourself that man to coach the team.

Working with youngsters is also available now if you have or want a young team having a higher attribute here would help develop and build your squad into a team.

The Tactical Manger has alot of options which can also help with the way you play and set up. If you want to do a journey man Adaptability is key how quick will you settle in a new country a new role. A player with a low adaptability is likely to get homesick if playing abroad. This isn’t the case for the manager but will again be looked at if moving away from the managers nationalities.

Determination in a player this is one attribute most managers look for.  A determined player works harder and wants to succeed for you and your club. Although again it may not have a huge effect to how the game players out if it is important in a player it should be important in the manager. Also like father like son? (no idea if that would effect your regen son or not if you get one)

Now Player knowledge is more important if your knowledge of where you are isn’t great. If you watch the Premier league regularly and know the great players of the world then it doesn’t need to be a high attribute if your managing Chelsea. But if your heading to Woking and your knowledge of the Blue Square Premier is poor id have it high as it will expand the knowledge of players given to you at the start of the game. Consider it a Larger scouting pool than if its low attribute.

If you like a young team then a high Youngster Knowledge is essential again id consider it as a larger wonderkid scouting pool. Maybe at your level Balanata and other wonder kids are not available but the future stars of the lower reaches will still be available to you, the more information on them the better.

Level of discipline how often are you likely to use the Hair dryer or throw a boot at a player? its almost fear factor, It will effect how often a player steps out of line, a higher level of discipline means that players are less likely to cry over being subbed or not being selected for a game. I will warn you there is always one no matter how disciplined you are.Ballo

Man Management speaks for itself, Is being a people person key to you? If so this is a must have high attribute. Along with the next one Motivation one that I would never consider having low, do I want my team talks to work better or not? I would have this at a high level.

If I where to start as a Sunday league manager I personally would have it selected at this:

No xp

As I have said I see man management and motivation as key and I would always have them at the highest level possible. As for training my coach attribute reflect my style Defensively Tactical with a young squad. But it depends how you look to set up don’t copy if you want an experienced attacking team as you would have selected the wrong attributes.

But if i where Beckham:


If I was comfortable to not need to scout much and I knew I could find good coaches for fitness and goalkeeping I would probably look like above. The principles work for all levels but my advice is stop and think before you start.

Good Luck i hope this helps FM Lord Chris

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