“How to” Download and Play a Custom FM 15 Database

How To!
Download and Play a Custom FM 15 Database

First you need to decide which database you plan to use, there are many about but the best are here at www.theFMAddicts.com (I am not biased in any way). Once you have done that read the information and shouted with joy “Yes this one is for me.” At the bottom of every Database article there is a section with a brief description of how to download the selected challenge.

It looks like this: Download section

Select the link and follow it to Mediafire, Click on download and it will start to download onto your PC. (Available to hire for all your paint needs)

Media fire

With Google Chrome which is what I am using it will download to a folder called “Downloads” (this may vary with different web programs but all works the same way.) Once you have your file and its location. Right click and “cut” the file, Head to Documents (My Documents)  and open the “Sports Interactive” folder, There you will see the list of Football Manger games/game. Open “Football Manager 2015” once opened it should look like this but do not worry if you don’t have the exact same amount of folders as i do.

Football manager folder

Ignore any folders you don’t have, the reason for this is that i have added and saved alot of different bits to my game that you may not have done. The only important one is the “Editor Data“, this is the one you need to open next. If it doesn’t exist you need to create one this is simple just right click choose create folder and name it “Editor Data“.  Open the folder and paste the database to that exact location.

Now to Open up FM 15.

 Open Football Manger and select “New Career Game” this then takes you to three options of “Football Manger” “Football Manger Classic” and “Challenges.” Select “Football Manager” and this should appear:

Choose Data

In “Database” you have two options “Default” which is the database that came out with Football Manager in October. In March the “15.3.0 update” arrived bringing a fresher more upto date database. Unless stated the databses from www.thefmaddicts.com will all work on both. To find your Database that you downloaded go to “Editor Data Files“. You may not have as many as me or it could have more, but open the box and set it to “custom” and press “edit“. Once its loaded a list of custom Databases will appear the is where you must make sure you select the correct one you want to use. You can add as man as you want, There is a but though they cant contradict each other the changes must be unique or there can be issues when combined.

Editor Data

Select the file/files you want added and press “Confirm“. You will then be taken to the Choose Nation page:

Leagues selected

Make sure you select the Nation that you downloaded the database for weather it was USA, England or Malaysia. You can open as many as your PC will take (as you can see mine wont take an awful lot of open Nations). Click “Next – New Game Overview” which takes you here:


Depending on where you want to play select the level and database size you feel is suitable click on “Start Game” It will ask you to confirm once you have confirmed the leagues and Nations that you want the game will start loading.

Good Luck hope which ever challenge you undertake goes well thanks for reading FM Lord Chris

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  1. 10daviesg /

    Awesome, great article!

    1. Luke /

      We’re glad you enjoyed!

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  22. Mark /

    I was just wondering if any has or would be kind enough to make a 96/97 or 97/98 database?Loved them 2 seasons and would a fm15 custom database. A lot of work to redo the whole database but I think it would be greatly received by the fm15 community. I’d give it a go but I tend to be biased towards certain players and I’m not overly great with the editor! I’ve asked Steve85 and he said he’d give it a go if he finds time (he will need a whole bunch of time to do one of them seasons)!
    Thanks very much.

    1. Luke /

      Hi Mark,

      It’s not something that we’ll be able to find the time for unfortunately! Chris has a range of ‘legend’ databases already published on the site, but they focused on specific players rather then a few seasons!

      My advice to you would be to check out FMScout. One of their member made a 1980’s database (which I understand is the best past part of 20 years early) but it is the closest thing to what you’re searching for.

      Thank you for visiting the site, if you have any more questions/would like to share things from your save don’t hesitate to join ‘The FM Addicts Community’ on Facebook 🙂

      Kind regards – Luke.

      1. fmlordchrisLord Chris /

        Hi I am looking into doing so. Its on my list as a Chelsea fan it was my favourite season aswell. I have a one started but think its 1992 and ill build from there. It will take a lot of time to do but im working on it when I get the time. I will only be doing it for FM 12 though hope that’s not too much of a problem.

        1. Mark /

          Cheers mate. Unfortunately I don’t have FM12 anymore and only really play the latest game. I wish you luck with making the database though!

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