Grand Theft Auto? Na, Football Manager!

Hi guys, welcome to my latest challenge database blog!

I’ve made a few challenge databases in the past and they’ve all gone down quite well – hopefully this one does to…

Fiction – Fact

Grand Theft Auto is one of the highest grossing series of all time but never has anyone merged it with everyone’s favourite series of all time – Football Manager!

Los Santos, Vice City and Liberty City have been made real and they all wanted a soccer team!

The three teams all have blockbuster facilities and finances but have no players and are funded by a board filled the city’s most prolific criminals – and we thought Abramovich was harsh.

Los Santos City Felons, Liberty City Spurs and Vice City Alliance need a manager; they want you!

Can you lead these troubled teams to glory?


As always you can download my work from ‘MediaFire’ safely and for free – so give it a go!….dbc

Place the foler like below and you are free to play…

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