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In football, there are two places it is physically played; On the pitch and on the training ground.

In Football Manager everyone intensely focuses on what happens on the pitch, where they can see what is happening. Consequently they ignore training. I’ll cover how to actually train your players another time as that can be a fairly involved process, but for now I’ll show you how to improve your training easily. This can massively improve your players development!


Coaches tab for my Lyngby Save. I can clearly see where I need to improve!


Quite simply, coaches do the coaching. They improve your players. Therefore, having the best coaches makes sense. People ignore coaches, just like they do other back-room staff (like scouts) which doesn’t make sense.

Quite simply, you must improve your back-room staff as your club grows. If you are a top club, you should have one specialist for every category. This improves coaching overall in those categories. The higher the star rating, the better the coaching – unlike players, it really is that simple. After that, you want to fill up to your allowed quota and then just set those extra coaches to be involved with everything, purely to lower workload. I call those people my general coaches. Their stats don’t actually matter, only the highest star rating in each category counts. I usually make the general coaches have low wages to save on money.


All coaches need determination, motivating and level of discipline to be good. So, the higher they are the better. I won’t be mentioning these again as they are need for ALL categories.

Fitness Coaches
Fitness Coach

The best Fitness Coach I can find in my current Lyngby save. He would be 5* in both fitness categories.

Fitness obviously, for both strength and aerobic.

Goalkeeper coaches

Goalkeeping is the obvious one, however for the handling training category the technical attribute is required and for the shot stopping category you are looking for good tactical attributes.

Goalkeeping coach

4 1/2* Handling, but only 4* Shot stopper.

Goalkeeping coach

4 1/2* Shot Stopper and Handling goalkeeping coach.

Brilliant football Coach

A superb Tactical coach (5*). Is good across the board though. 4 1/2* defending, 4 1/2* attacking, 4* shooting and 4* ball control.

Again, self-explanatory. Tactical attribute is required and that is it.

Ball Control
Example of a very good Ball Control Coach

Example of a very good Ball Control Coach

A bit more complicated, but technical is required for this category along with the mental attribute.

Good Defensive Coach

5* Tactics Coach, but also a 4 1/2* Defensive Coach

Defence coaching requires the defending and tactical attributes.

Great Attacking Coach

4 1/2* Attacking coach

Similarly, attacking coaching requires the attacking and tactical attributes.

Amazing all round coach

4 1/2* Shooting, Attacking, Ball Control, Defensive and Tactical Coach.

Finally, shooting coaching needs the attacking and technical attributes.


Comparison of your coaches to the rest of the league

Easily compare your coaches to the rest of the league by clicking the staff tab; the higher the bar the better!

You can easily find coaches through staff search, and in the long run it makes a huge difference. I don’t like changing staff often, and so I will attempt to get this section right from the start and then only change when necessary (retiring, promotions, increased coaches allowed, contract expirations etc.). This means I can focus on getting results on the pitch, without having to focus on hiring and firing my coaches.

One last thing to remember though is that you, your assistant and any reserve coaches including manger + assistant get involved with first team training meaning you can sneakily improve your training stars by using them.


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