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I am FM Lord Chris or @FMChallenges on Twitter I have had the account since FM 11 and although I haven’t been the most active I have always been about. We are now moving forward with the facebook page, community and now the website. We will be writing plenty of new content in an attempt to help, each with our own unique styles. I have a Brazil venture on FM12 which does become a tour of the world. Bognor Regis Town FC on FM13 from the Isthmain division. FM14 Team FA England and on FM15 Ill be in-charge of Fulham. They will all be in-depth and ready to follow very soon so please follow to see more.

The skin i use is available here:

The Logo pack:

Face Pack:

Kits where all from here although i downloaded by league rather than finding all in one pack:

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