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Team FA England

Team FA England

I started this because with every FM I just love developing Youth and I wanted a challenge where I at least felt like I was helping the English National team.
St George's Park - General views of the football training facilities and hotel complex during a media event
The story of it goes that due to board changes along with the name change of Hull City or Hull City Tigers they where banned from participating in the English Premier League for a year. (Hull fans I love you all, but there was threats and talks of this happening when I first created it so no offence intended.) It gave the FA the chance to try and use the opening to improve our nations Footballing future. They created a team giving them use of the Olympic stadium and turning St Georges park into top level training facilities for some of the brightest talents this nation has to offer. I know as well as everyone that this is not possible well at least in the same capacity as I have used it for, as the players alone would probably cost the FA well over 100 million and time plus more money to re-develop the facilities to make them useful for this purpose, but this is FM and I am in control. [insert evil laugh if you feel it helps]
I have seen the idea thrown around by many blogs and papers saying that this could well be an option available so its not my idea and don’t want to claim it is in anyway, if I could remember where I first saw it I would credit them here sorry that I cant. Also sorry to Hull fans its nothing against you or your club just someone had to go and there was talk of them leaving no matter how unlikely that would be I saw my opportunity.
FA England_ Overview Profile-3
I loved the home kit seems more English than plain white think Inter Milan and Manchester City have used a shirt along those lines but encase anyone at the FA sees this I am available to re-design the England kits for you id probably be cheaper than Umbro but not by much.
Firstly finance I made sure that it was never going to be an issue giving plenty of fans and sponsors to them as its not something that needs to be worrying about in this challenge. I d like to be able to offer a contract no matter how ridiculous I have to make it to keep the player at the club. Apart from contracts money is not an issue as I have installed a transfer embargo until 2100 as I will not sign any new players at all as that is not the purpose of this exercise. Although if done in real life I am  sure a director would be in place to bring in decent prospects to the club. But for me that will be the yearly youth intake. I know if I didn’t and left it up to me I would bring players in.
FA England_ Information Facilities
Staff wise I have Glenn Hoddle as Chairman as this seems like the sort of project he would encourage and like to be part of so picked him to be my FA go between to be honest apart from pre talk I wont hear much if anything from him. I added David Beckham as my Managing Director just as a big name and its David Beckham how could I not he is still my England Captain.
Glenn Hoddle
(No recent photo of these two together I am surprised. [insert comment of Beckham being a bad person in previous life for not being best buddies with Glenn if you feel it will help])
As for Staff I did aim to keep it primarily English but one or two other nationalities snuck in. Paul Scholes and Ray Clemance joining a host of some of the best staff this great footballing nation has to offer.(should that be once great? I’d like to think not.)

I wanted it to be players that are yet to be associated with the England team. I was going to pick players that didn’t stand a chance and create players that not many knew of and used, but I also wanted to stay in the premiership even if it was a relegation dog fight every year. I have added a few that are in the set up already being looked at as future regulars just so I have some talent already. Players that hold down a place in the England squad have not been included no matter what age, I also added a few older players that don’t have many if any caps to add some experience to the team.

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