Euro Trip – The Start of my journey

Euro Trip – The Start of my journey

Welcome to the Euro Trip. My journeyman save through the depths of Europe to hopefully the shining lights of Champions League Glory or even International glory.

There comes a time in every persons life that they have to pack their bags and leave the parents house to make their own mark on the world. At 29 it is my time.
And after many rejection letters and face-time interviews, a job was offered. A year long contract at £160 per week at Dundela FC. Playing in the Belfast Telegraph Championship 2, this Northern Ireland team has left me with the task of getting them promotion through winning the league.

With 24 days til my first match in charge, my time off has been used looking for somewhere to live while I lead this club to hopeful glory.

At £400 a month it is a very affordable apartment, near the outskirts of Belfast, just means for the next year I will be eating left over burgers from the match days!

So lets look at the club.

According to the club information sheet our key player is Alan Blayney, a 34 year old goal keeper, very solid attributes, my staff think he is a leading player for the league above so keeping him good for 1/2 seasons will be integral to getting the club promoted and staying up. On a non contract so hoping he does not get poached.

Our hot prospect is a 21 year old striker called Kyle Dillon. With good Dribbling, Finishing and Off The Ball looks like he could be a decent talent. My staff think that he wil only be a leading striker from this level. We will see if I can get him better.

The squad looks good but is short of any left wingers so will be looking to find one or two. Finances are looking stunning with a massive £2,315 bank balance. With a wage budget of £623 and spending £557 (£388 committed spending) there is space in there for one or two players.

So there is a quick review of Dundela FC, the first club in my football career and adventure into the wide world. I hope you all join me for the next installment in the Euro Trip

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