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Football Manager is a game that I commit a lot of time to, frankly because I enjoy the highs and lows that it gives me. Drawing 1-1 against Bayern Munich, being slapped by Werder Bremen and then being forced to sell your best place is part and parcel of the game – so just imagine that you could take that experience and improve it. Ten-fold. Well, you can do that by installing a whole raft of graphical packs, data changes and personal challenges – but few compare to the British Regional League. If you decide to start a save with the BRL loaded Football Manager will never be quite the same again…

Details, Back-Story and Some Screenshots…

Breaking down this database into so few words is an immense challenging for someone who is prone to verbal diarrhoea, but I shall try. The British Regional League database involves just one tier of football, consisting of 190 teams, eleven conferences and twenty-two cup competitions – it is a herculean football system that took a fair amount of time and effort to put together! The British Regional League is all about uniting Great Britain (plus Gibraltar) in an attempt to improve each of the Home Nation’s national sides, driving investment and creating a save that I hope many of you will find interesting and enjoyable.


Every football league club from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Gibraltar have been split off into regionalised divisions – ranging from Northern Scotland to London, Gibraltar and everything in between. Most conferences are made up of less than twenty teams, with Northern Ireland’s conference being the largest. It should be noted that at the end of each season the top two teams from each conference are sent off to play in the ‘Finals’, a knockout competition that plays out in a similar way to the MLS Playoffs. This system helps to create a footballing league focused around winning, improving the weaker teams (because teams like Barnet will now face off against Arsenal, Spurs and Co on a weekly basis) and making money – prize money has been ramped up a tad…


There are also a wide range of cup competitions that you can get your teeth into. Teams will compete in a ‘League Cup’, the British Combination Cup (FA Cup), the Northern or Southern British Cup, a ‘National Cup’ and the Supplementary Cup if the team in question plays in a conference made up of fewer than twenty teams.  The wealth of cup competitions spread across the season not only creates a vibrant, exciting season – it also offers the chance to smaller teams to win big (as was the case when I simulated seven seasons into the future).

Bristol City - Champions of the Southern Cup!

Bristol City – Champions of the Southern Cup!

The only other change that has been made to this database was to increase the power, reputation and youth rating of the Gibraltarian FA. The reason for this was that the league system is based in Gibraltar (although Arsenal will still spawn English regens; Celtic Scots; and Cardiff Welshmen) and it only makes sense to improve the nation to a level that would be able to facilitate such a vast and wealthy league.

If you have any questions regarding this database please do get in touch, because I will be able to answer them. This is a database that I am exceptionally proud of (because it was tough to make and at times did stump me!) and as such if you would like to redistribute it you MUST contact me first. Equally, if you are interested in making content with this database – please do get in touch, I would be more than willing to help in any way 🙂



  • Also, please note that you WILL NOT be able to load the English, Welsh, Northern Irish or Scottish leagues – but it will have no effect on the game!

In order to start your new save with the data updates mentioned above, simply follow the instructions stated below:

  • Follow the link to MediaFire – a fantastic, safe data sharing site – and download the file.
  • Place the FMF document into: Sports Interactive – Football Manager 2017 – Editor Data
  • Finally, load up Football Manager 2017; click ‘New Career Game’; allow the use of the data file; start your database!

Starting a new Football Manager 2017 save is always an exciting time and I would like to wish you all the best for your managerial ventures this year! Moreover, if you would like to get in touch with myself, or my fellow admins, you can find us through the links below…

The FM Addicts Community | Luke’s Stories of An FM Addict | @thefmaddicts | Tifo | STEAM

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are proud to announce that we have just opened a Steam Group that is open to all 🙂 If you would like to drop in, have a chat and share your content – it might be worth joining! Cheers! 

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  2. Thomas fleming /

    Is there a reason that red imps never get in the champions league qualifying stage after the first year on your seven year save download was really looking forward to testing that team in europe

    1. Luke / Post Author

      As Gibraltar is the lowest rep they fall to the bottom in terms of coefficients – that’s why 🙂

  3. Thomas fleming /

    Thanks but on the rules it says gibiltar champions qualify but I’ll win the combo cup to get me in the Europe league.

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